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Flieg, Dino (German)


"Flieg, Dino" is a cooperative game that invites children to talk about their feelings. The game was designed for children from families with addiction problems and offers kindergarten educators as well as pedagogues the possibility to approach the topic of addiction in a low-threshold way.

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An empathic dinosaur

"Flieg, Dino" is a cooperative game in which children dive into the world of feelings together with the flying dinosaur Tika.

The game helps children explore and name their feelings, and discover strategies for dealing with them. To this end, scene cards depict everyday situations with different feelings (joy, sadness, anger, fear, pride and shame). By using the dice to roll the feelings depicted on the cards, feathers are obtained. These in turn help the dinosaur Tika to fly away.

In addition to the feelings, the topic of addiction is also addressed on some of the scene cards.


Developed for daycare centers

The game was developed in cooperation with NACOA for use in daycare centers and enables daycare center educators to approach the topic of addiction in a low-threshold way together with the children, while the children are invited to talk about their feelings in a playful way.


What is in the box

1 Begleitheft
26 Szenenkarten
6 Gefühlewürfel
4 Flugdinokarten
1 Spielfeld
13 Federn
1 Jutebeutel

Additional information

Dimensions 14.8 × 21 × 6 cm
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