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“Spuren auf Papier” accompanying booklet - print version (German)


40-page booklet to accompany the free online game „Spuren auf Papier“. The booklet is suitable for use in the classroom and gives an extended insight into the topics dealt with in the game about Nazi murder of the sick.

The use together with „Spuren auf Papier“ is recommended.

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Ideal for teachers

The official accompanying booklet to the game Spuren auf Papier, provides an overview of the game’s content, as well as deeper insights into the topics covered, and is thus a good basis from which to accompany and follow up the game session in class.

On 40 pages, the topics covered in the game are divided into the individual game chapters, and the documents used in the game are listed and classified there separately.


Spuren auf Papier

Can the sensitive topic of the murders of the sick during the National Socialist era be dealt with appropriately in a computer game? The Wehnen Memorial and the serious games studio Playing History answer this question with "Spuren auf Papier". In a low-threshold and empathic way, the game tells the story of the patient Anna and her manic-depressive illness during the Nazi erad. The game is aimed primarily at young players from the 9th grade upwards and can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Wehnen Memorial.

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Dimensions 210 × 148 cm
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