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Mädchen spielt das Serious Game Hidden Codes auf dem Smartphone.
Raising young people's awareness of right-wing extremist and Islamist codes

HIDDEN CODES is a chat simulation for smartphones, which introduces the topic of online radicalization in several episodes. The mobile game sensitizes young people from the age of 14 to recognize signs of right-wing extremist and Islamist radicalization and to react adequately to them.

The implicit goal of the game is to empower those affected by (right-wing) violence and discrimination and to show them options for action against radicalization.


Playful & realistic

In HIDDEN CODES, players are immersed in a fictional social media environment. The interactions of the application are familiar from real social media applications: People chat, pictures are sent, liked and commented on, videos and live videos can be seen. In addition, it is always necessary to "detect" image content correctly, i.e. to recognize codes and characters correctly

Since the interactions in the game feel very familiar, the game achieves a high degree of immersion for its players. In addition to the conveyed content on radicalization, the players receive regular feedback that classifies and evaluates their own actions.


Additional features & support materials for teachers

The game is perfectly suited for use in an educational setting - be it in politics or economics classes, but also in German lessons and other subjects. Training courses and extensive accompanying materials prepare teachers for the use of the game in the classroom. The materials are available free of charge on request on the official Hidden Codes website.


Try it out for yourself!

The game is available free of charge in the AppStore and Google Playstore. It can also be played via web browser on PC.

HIDDEN CODES is a project of the Anne Frank Educational Center, accompanied and produced by Playing History. In addition to the development of the content, the educational institution is creating an accompanying program that supports teachers in productively integrating HIDDEN CODES into school lessons.


Prizes & Awards
  • 1st prize at the bap-prize for political education
  • smart hero award Spezialpreis für Innovation im Digitalen Engagament
  • Nomination for the German Computer Game Award in the category "Serious Game
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