Torfitz Planspiel zum Strukturwandel Banner. Zusehen ist eine Landschaft im Hintergrund. Im Vordergrund sind 3 Personen: Eine gestikulierende Frau links. Eine älter wirkende, ebenfalls gestikulierende Frau rechts und neben ihr ein nachdenklicher Mann.



The simulation game about structural change

A fictional region with fictional communities, but real challenges: "Torfitz" is a simulation game about structural change, which is aimed at students starting from grade 9, trainees and university students.

The players take different roles (e.g. mayor, resident, young person, entrepreneur, conservationist) and are confronted with different tasks. In a joint discussion, they make considerations and develop concrete project ideas. These ideas are then presented to a committee, which selects the best projects based on certain criteria. During this process, the majority of the players undergo a perspective shift. Formerly members of the communities, they are now part of the committee that decides on the funding of potential projects within the communities.


Shared exchange and constructive debate

Exchanging ideas with others, arguing constructively about the best ideas and developing approaches to solutions in Torfitz strengthens the participants' social skills in the fields of democracy and sustainability. The game allows change to be seen as an opportunity for improvement. Torfitz enables the players to experience joint action and provides perspectives that can be important in both school and personal everyday life: It is also up to me to shape my living environment.

Torfitz is designed for 6-30 players. Three play options of different complexity offer different playing times of 46, 60 or 90 minutes. The game and accompanying booklet have been prepared in such a way that they can be used without prior knowledge and with minimal preparation. The game has already been successfully tested at schools and universities and can be ordered free of charge from July.

Order now free of charge

Torfitz can be purchased free of charge from the Brandenburgische Landeszentrale für politische Bildung website. Additional information for teachers is available on the site of the IASS Potsdam - Institute for Transformative Sustainability Research.

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