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Flieg, Dino (German)

An empathic dinosaur

Flieg, Dino is a cooperative game for daycare centers in which children dive into the world of emotions together with Tika a flying dinosaur.

"High up on a ledge of the volcano there is Tika - a little flying dinosaur. It has hardly any feathers and therefore can't fly yet. Its eyes, on the other hand, already work very well. And so it watches the goings-on at the foot of the volcano day in, day out, while its mommy searches the whole area for food. But what is it? Suddenly, a powerful earth tremor shakes the usually safe nest. The volcano begins to bubble and hiss. Is the volcano threatening to erupt? Help the young flying dinosaur Tika to grab its last feathers. That way it can fly, get to safety, and warn the other dinosaur families about the erupting volcano." (Excerpt from accompanying booklet)

The game helps children explore and name their feelings, and discover strategies for dealing with them. To this end, scene cards depict everyday situations with different feelings (joy, sadness, anger, fear, pride and shame). By using the dice to roll the feelings depicted on the cards, feathers are obtained. These in turn help the dinosaur Tika to fly away.

In addition to the feelings, the topic of addiction is also addressed on some of the scene cards.

Game developed for daycare centers

The game was developed in cooperation with NACOAfor use in daycare centers. It enables daycare center educators and pedagogical staff to approach the topic of addiction in a low-threshold way together with the children. In addition, the children are invited to talk about their feelings in a playful way.

"Many of the scenes will be familiar to all children; they are the small conflicts and dramas of everyday life. Others, however, may only be familiar to some of them: The angry daddy dinosaur with the beer bottle in his claws, the fear of visitors because the apartment is in chaos. Those who correctly recognize the dinosaurs' feelings can collect feathers for Tika." (rbb24)


For this purpose, a limited and unsaleable edition of special editions was created. In contrast to the saleable cardboard version, these include a hand-painted volcano as a dice tower. Both editions are identical in terms of gameplay.

Flieg-Dino 3D Version mit Vulkan als Würfelturm

In our store

The game is available as a cardboard version directly here in our store. It contains the following:

  • 1 accompanying booklet
  • 26 scene cards
  • 6 feelings dice
  • 4 flight dino cards
  • 1 game board
  • 13 feathers
  • 1 jute bag
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