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Spuren auf Papier

Mann hält ein Tablet, auf dem das Spiel Spuren auf Papier zu sehen ist.
Remembering with games

The computer game "Spuren auf Papier" deals with the sensitive topic of the murders of the sick during the Nazi era. In an accessible and empathetic way, players experience the story of the fictitious Anna. She is a patient in the Wehnen sanatorium and nursing home and suffers from a manic-depressive illness. The game is aimed primarily at young players from the 9th grade upwards. "Spuren auf Papier" can be played free of charge on the pages of the Wehnen Memorial.

"With a detective's sense of intuition, the players gain insight into the patient's history," explains Hannah Sandstede, the historian accompanying the project. There are numerous facts to be discovered about the historical events at the Wehnen sanatorium and nursing home. Further, the game provides background knowledge about national socialist healthcare policy. Meanwhile, game players experience a captivating story in combination with original documents.

The historical content and the puzzle game mechanics are closely interwoven. Through clever interaction and thoughtful combination, gamers unlock the context of the content. Furthermore, they advance the story and uncover more and more secrets. In this way, players discover the horrors that took place in the sanatoriums and nursing homes during the Nazi era - in a gentle and tactful way.


Accompanying material for the classroom

The game is perfectly suited for use in the classroom. For this purpose, the memorial site provides an accompanying booklet on its website. This booklet goes into more detail about the topics and content that are covered in the individual chapters of the game. The accompanying booklet can be purchased in printed form here in the store.


Play it yourself!

Try the game yourself free of charge on the Wehnen Memorial website. You can play it via the web browser on your PC or on your tablet. For the best experience, we recommend playing the game on the PC in the Google Chrome browser.

"Spuren auf Papier" is part of the project "Serious Game of the Wehnen Memorial". The project "Serious Game of the Wehnen Memorial" was developed under the umbrella of "dive in. Program for Digital Interactions" of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) in the NEUSTART KULTUR program.


Preise und Auszeichnungen

Nominiert für den Games for Change Award 2023 in der Kategorie “Best Civics Game”

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