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Im Kopf von Schmidt-Rottluff

Person am Smartphone mit Serious Game App Karl Schmitt Rottluff

Play Expressionism

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff is considered one of the most important Expressionist painters.With the game "Im Kopf von Schmidt-Rottluff" we allow the players*innen to dive into his thinking and work.

"Im Kopf von Karl Schmidt-Rottluff" allows its players to discover Schmidt-Rottluff's works piece by piece. Each individual hue is presented in the form of a riddle. In it, the players have to mix the colors correctly, put the picture elements in the right place, draw portraits correctly, and much more. All this is accompanied with (fictional) texts by Schmidt-Rottluff himself, who talks about his work, his life, his love and the repressions by the Nazis. The visual style of the application tries to reflect the style of Schmidt-Rottluff and his time: Thus we worked with established fonts of the time, based on Rottluff's language of colors and forms.


Impressions of "In the Head of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

The app can now be downloaded from Google Playstore (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS) .

Playing History designed and realized the mobile game for the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz. The game was extensively tested by groups of students and will be further developed soon.

As experts for playful formats, we at Playing History can also support you in the implementation of your idea. Just contact us!

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