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Frau spielt Serious Game Prototype Rebelcatz auf Smartphone.

Mobile Game against Hatespeech on the Net

Hatespeech is no longer an exception, but a bitter reality in social networks. One way to fight against it is counterspeech. The serious game prototype "rebelcatz" shows players strategies that they can choose against inhumane posts and statements in order to enact a clear stance against hate on the net.

In the entertaining mobile game, players take on the role of the rebelcat and fight in increasingly difficult levels with counterspeech against hate and agitation. In the process, they learn strategies that also help to combat hate speech in the real world.


Concentrated Catz pawer!

"Catz are simply the coolest on the worldwideweb. Who has the best memes?! Who has the funniest gifs?! And who has the most laid back approach to life?! Catz!" (iRights.Lab)

To be successful, doesn't just take the right strategy, but also strength and effort from many who oppose digital hate. That's why players try to keep growing their rebel crew. The larger the crew, the more effective you are and the greater the impact of your own actions. But beware: the haters also have like-minded people who support them in spreading hate and agitation.

Playing History designed and realized the prototype for and with iRights.Lab. Currently, the prototype is in the testing phase and is therefore not open to the public. The project is supported by the Games Funding of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.


Prizes & Awards

  • Nomination for the Tommi - German Children's Software Award 2021

    "With a turn-based strategy game in retro look against Hatespeech on the net- The goal is to win as many supporters as possible against hate comments and thus fend off the attacks of the "Haters". Here, a serious topic has been dealt with in a wonderfully playful way and lovingly set to music. It teaches social media competence and offers different difficulty levels that can be unlocked in the course of the game." (Tommi Expert Jury, 2021)


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