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Chat mit Esther

Mockup Chat mit Esther auf Tablet, im Hintergrund die Ausstellung "Susi und Wir - Vom Hingucken und Wegschauen"

Unusual approaches via different media formats, light and architecture create a space which facilitates active confrontation with the Nazi Era in the new exhibition "Susi und wir. Vom Hingucken und Wegschauen". Current manifestations of exclusion and anti-Semitism are highlighted, alongside examples of civil courage. We were honored to develop one of the interactive stations featuring a chat bot and are pleased to contribute to a contemporary place of learning for the prevention of anti-Semitism.


Anti-semitism prevention in the museum

The new exhibition in the Alice Museum for Children at FEZ deals with questions of civil courage and bravery in our society, which remain highly topical against the backdrop of wars and crises. The exhibition is builds on the children's book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4" by Birgitta Behr. It centers around the true story of the Jewish girl Susi Collm, who had to hide from the National Socialists from 1942 to 1945. Throughout the exhibition the events of the past are linked to questions of the present. This is thought-provoking.

Established faces from the art and culture scene, including for example Iris Berben, Dr. Walter Rothschild, Ben Salomo and Esther Zimmermann, provide a contemporary perspective. The latter also plays the main role in our chat bot, which we developed together with the FEZ.


Exploring Jewish history in Berlin in the chat bot

"Chat mit Esther" enables players to explore Jewish history in Berlin together with Esther Zimmermann and her daughter Michelle. Esther takes them to places that were and are important for her and her Jewish family, while, providing insights into her family history and the atrocities of the Nazi era. The players decide how deep they want to go into the story or in which direction they want to steer the conversation.

Visit the exhibition and try out “Chat mit Esther”!

“Chat mit Esther” is part of the exhibition "Susi und Wir. Vom Hingucken und Wegschauen" of the Alice - Museum für Kinder at the FEZ Berlin, which can be experienced from May 7, 2022 to July 12, 2023.

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