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Ausschnitt aus dem Wimmelbild "Toleranzräume"
Making room for tolerance

Tolerance and respect are important characteristics of our coexistence in a society that, unfortunately, is increasingly fading into the background. More and more people react to alternative opinions and world views with distance and ridicule. Especially in these situations it is important to stay in dialogue.

The traveling exhibition ToleranzRäume (ToleranceRooms) addresses tolerance and respect in everyday life and in our society, providing an insight into a wide variety of life realities and perspectives. How can we get along better with each other? Where do tolerance and respect stop? 


Tolerance in everyday life

Together with the Kreuzberger Initiative gegen Antisemitismus KIgA e.V. and Illustrator Markus Wende we have designed an interactive hidden object picture as part of the exhibition, in which visitors* can deal with tolerance in everyday life with the help of 10 mini-games. 

The games each have their own thematic focus. The ten topics focus on groups of people who often have to deal with intolerance: Queer people, refugees, people with disabilities, political activists, children and young people, people of color, demonstrators, religious people, and people who believe in conspiracy. These individuals find themselves in situations from which we can learn more about their experiences and perspectives on everyday life in our society. For example, we meet Amira, who had to flee her home country and now has to deal with the bureaucratic madness of the offices, or Toni, who talks about important moments in her past with her friends at Café Queer.

By solving the puzzles, visitors are confronted with situations or problems in a playful and simple way and are encouraged to reflect on their own actions. In addition, the game content is then contextualized and connected to the concept of tolerance.


Call for reflection and commitment

Every person can decide for themselves where and when tolerance is appropriate. But if that is the case, it must be actively advocated, because tolerance does not come about on its own. This is also demonstrated in the exhibition container by numerous examples of personalities who, today and even before our time, have been committed to treating each other with respect, even in the face of difficult issues and opposing opinions. 

In order to reach as many people as possible, the exhibition is touring through numerous large and small German cities and refers visitors to local initiatives and opportunities to get involved.


Press reports

"Visitors are to be inspired as to how they themselves can work for more respect and social tolerance, both on a small and large scale. Because each and every one of us has the power to make our coexistence a little better. That is the most important message of ToleranzRäume.” – staedtetag.de

In addition to interactive offerings, knowledge is also imparted. Terms like anti-Semitism or conspiracy ideology are explained. [...] One goal of the ToleranceRooms is the dialogue with people and the use of local opportunities."WDR


An impressive concept - an attempt to illuminate the meaning of "tolerance", with all its facets, champion:s and also limits. I am grateful to have been able to support this inspiring project, alongside Klaas and others."Katty Salié, Journalist & TV Host


More impressions of the premiere of the touring exhibition "ToleranzRäume" in Detmold

If you would like to visit the exhibition, you can find all the ToleranzRäume tour dates here.

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