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Mein Alex

Gamification App "Mein Alex" auf Ipad

Gamification of citizen participation: Make the world (or Alexanderplatz) the way you like it

In the online game "Mein Alex", the Alexanderplatz in Berlin can be redesigned to become your new favorite place. New high-rises, a second TV tower or more green spaces and sports fields? Anything is possible in "Mein Alex”. And the best thing is that you can save your own Alex design, which will then be included in the discussion about the redesign of the real Alexanderplatz. Gamification of citizen participation, so to speak.

"Skyscrapers gleam in the sun, a green oasis at the foot of the TV tower, and a lake landscape spreads out in front of the Rotes Rathaus. Doesn’t work? Yes, it does. In a new online game, the Alex can be transformed into your new favorite place. The town hall passages are ugly, the Red Town Hall is too big and the TV tower is really just in the way? Then rebuild. At www.meinalex.de, anyone can become an architect. Whether it's new high-rises, a grove or rather sports fields - the possibilities are great." (Berliner Zeitung)


Whether you want to raise futuristic skyscrapers in Mitte, create several beach volleyball courts in front of the TV tower or prefer to turn the Alex into a nature park with lakes and lots of greenery is completely up to you. Crazy idea: Even new TV towers can be erected - alternatively, the existing one can be replaced by a statue of Wowi ...” (BZ Berlin)


Play online now

"Mein Alex" can be played directly in the browser on the official website.

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