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Serious Game Wendepunkte Kartenspiel

Life in the GDR and after reunification

FDJ or Young Community? Study in Moscow or secretly distribute leaflets in the opposition? Head of state in the Federal Republic or political exile? What will your biography of the Wende period look like?
WENDEPUNKTE is a simple, fast and captivating card game about German history. It lets you playfully experience the time of peaceful revolution and reunification.

Players slip into the role of GDR citizens and experience their individual life stories. The 96 cards, which depict typical events before and after the fall of the Wall, serve this purpose. Again and again they are confronted with decisions. Later, they have to answer for the consequences of these decisions. In the process, both the constraints of the system and the contradictions of a possible biography become clear.

The game can be used for private purposes, but can also be used in an educational context. It is aimed at players aged 12 and older.


A card game about German history

WENDEPUNKTE is designed in such a way that it can be played and discussed within a lesson of 45 minutes. For this purpose, a comprehensive accompanying booklet is available to educators as a print and download version. With the help of the tasks and exercises contained therein, GDR history can be conveyed in a lively manner. A questionnaire for the course of the game also helps students to reflect on and record the content of the game and the decisions made for further discussion.


What teachers think of the game

"WENDEPUNKTE meets the challenges of teaching history with a student- and problem-oriented card game. The teaching material, which is methodically clever and varied, addresses numerous topics relevant to the curriculum. Especially the contemporarz applications that the material creates from this historical context are very good." (Marie Schmidt, high school teacher at Berlinickeplatz, Berlin)


"WENDEPUNKTE opens up a playful approach to the complex of GDR history for pupils. The card game is cleverly conceived and attractively designed. It immediately arouses the interest of the class. The teaching material provides teachers with a comprehensive, varied and qualitatively outstanding aid to approach this piece of contemporary history in a differentiated way." (Philippe Zwick-Eby, teacher at the German School Barcelona)


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The game as well as the accompanying booklet for teachers can be purchased directly in our store. More information about the game can be found here.

Supported by the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship.

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