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Felicitas Fogg Cardbox und Smartphone Mockup

Around the world in 80 cards

"Felicitas Fogg follows in the footsteps of her great-grandfather Phileas Fogg and makes a bet: can she make it around the world before hackers from F1X track her down? Help her make efficient use of all the mobility possibilities of the future while leaving as few data traces as possible!" (80-karten.de)

Felicitas Fogg is an augmented reality card game. It combines real cards with digital elements. The content of the game is all about mobility of the future and the topic of data security.


Augmented reality card game - fun for everyone

In this unusual card game, players help Felicitas Fogg on her journey around the world. In doing so, they have to move around as efficiently as possible using the latest means of transport. At the same time, they must leave hardly any data traces behind. Because the pursuers are already on their trail. At the beginning, the players choose a character to play. Each character has different abilities. While Erwin Eisen, a railroad enthusiast, is particularly fast on rails, Danny Digit, the digital native, is particularly successful with autonomous vehicles. The player who manages to advance Felicitas the furthest wins. Bonus points are awarded for data and energy conservation.

Playing History was commissioned to be part of this project by Wegesrand GmbH. We developed the concept for Felicitas Fogg. Furthermore, we were responsible for the development of the gameplay.


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The game can be ordered for free via the official website.

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