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Change of perspective - slip into the role of the Stasi in a game

November 1989. Under the pressure of the citizens' movement, the GDR leadership is forced to retreat further and further. The dictatorship finds itself in an open crisis from which it can no longer recover. The Ministry for State Security was not unaffected by this. On November 6, ahead of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Minister Erich Mielke already orders the destruction of documents.

In this game, the players change perspective and work for the Stasi. The goal of the game is to destroy as many documents as possible before the citizens put an end to the inevitable.


Just play - learn the rules while playing

This card game for 2-5 players can be unpacked and played without reading the instructions. The rules are self-explanatory, which makes the game especially attractive for inexperienced players.

Extensive accompanying material is specially designed for educational use, but can also be used outside the school context. It contains information on the historical situation of the GDR secret police during the Peaceful Revolution of 1989/90 as well as on the destruction of the Stasi files and their rescue by civil rights activists.


Articles on the Stasi Game


Order game & download accompanying material

The game can be ordered on the website of the DDR Museum. The booklet accompanying the game is available free of charge on the pages of the Stasi Archives (BStU).

In close cooperation with the Stasi-Unterlagen Archiv (BStU) and the DDR Museum, a game with 48 pages of comprehensive accompanying material has been created, which can be put on the table and played in educational institutions of all kinds, but also at home.

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