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Saints Sammelkartenspiel

The holiest trading card game in the world

Proud knights, brave women, powerful tyrants or innocent children. Thousands of people have been canonized by the Catholic Church. Their legendary stories are told to this day. The stories of times gone by, heroic women and men, and selfless deeds. SAINTS captures these stories in the format of a trading card game.

Unlike other collectible card games such as MAGIC or POKÉMON, however, SAINTS does not focus on combat. Instead, the focus is on telling unique stories. A complete story consists of four cards, each of which describes different stages in the life of the saint. Players compete against each other and try to tell these stories as a chronicle. Whoever succeeds first wins. Special actions and events in the game can help. They are designed individually for each saint and his story. SAINTS can be played from 2 persons.

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New expansion: "Miracles" and "Path of Justice

With two new expansions, the collectible card game SAINTS becomes even more exciting. Because there are new cards, effects and new rules to discover. Also new are so-called icons. These very special cards offer powerful effects. However, they also bind players to specifications for game preparation. Let the games begin!


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