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Roland muss auf Klo

Photos von Live Event "Roland muss auf Klo"

Live Action Performance Escape Game

"Roland has to go to the bathroom. Combine correctly and help him to open the locked door. But be careful - time is short. Roland acts based on commands you give him. On the screen you will only see a part of the room where Roland is. Your task is to help Roland get out of the room in the shortest possible time. This is only possible by attentively looking at and skillfully combining the objects in the room. Your commands are transmitted to Roland via a microphone. He in turn implements the commands as best he can."

The Live Action Performance Escape Game was ahead of its time.


Premiere at the AMaze First Step Festival

Berlin – AMaze First Step Festival (Fotoshop Berlin)
Madrid – Arsgames-Festival (OffLimits Galerie Madrid)
Halle – Digitale Schöpfung (Kunstforum Halle)
Potsdam – SPIELTRIEB (fabrik potsdam)
Berlin – YOU ARE GO! (HAU 2)
Potsdam – Play11 (Bahnhofspassegen)



AMaze First Step Award – „Immersion & Gameplay“

The sequel of the Escape Game: "Roland steals the toilet".

The Live Action Escape Game was so well received that in 2017 at the Next Level Festival for Games the sequel was presented. In "Roland klaut das Klo" players help Roland to steal a golden toilet. That sounds easier than it is. The toilet is located in a locked display case. Here, too, players must first look for hidden clues in the room. Is the key behind the painting, under the chair or in the briefcase? Then they link the clues together. Time is short here. Because the attendant is only in the toilet for 8 minutes. If the toilet is not stolen from the display case within this time, the game is lost. An exciting, funny and nerve-racking game and an unusual form of Escape Room.

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